Cub Pack Code of Conduct

Cub Pack Code of Conduct

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Do not tease other people
  • Do not call other people names
  • Do not swear
  • Do not punch, Kick or fight with other people
  • Do not let other people feel lonely
  • Do not leave other people out
  • Do not backchat to adults
  • Do not hurt anyone feelings
  • Do not react to Bully’s
  • Do not push other people
  • Do tell someone if you are being bullied
  • Respect everybody
  • Do help people if they are hurt
  • Do let people join in
  • Do be kind to everyone
  • Do be fair to everyone
  • Do remember the Cub Scout Law
  • We come along to our weekly meetings to enjoy ourselves and to have fun, understanding that we need to respect each other and the Laws and Promises which we have made.
  • We will come along to our weekly meetings on time and in full correct uniform.
  • We will join in and work as a team when necessary.
  • The Leaders and young people will listen to each other showing everyone respect.
  • No one will make fun of anyone else because of his or her colour, religion or ability.
  • There will be no bullying, harassment or picking on others.
  • We will all be quiet during quiet times, such as flag break or when an adult is talking to us.
  • We will not deliberately break the rules or disrupt games or activities.
  • When playing games we will accept the decision made against us.
  • If warned about unacceptable behaviour it will stop immediately.


Verbal Warnings.  If the behaviour of young person is considered to have fallen well below the ‘Group Code of Acceptable Behaviour’, a Leader will give him/her a verbal warning.

Yellow Cards.  If a verbal warning is ignored, the young person will be issued with a Yellow Card. . The Parent(s) may also be contacted. The young person will as a minimum punishment automatically sit out the next 10 minutes of any activity.

Red Cards. If the young person commits a second Yellow Card offence, on the same night he will receive a Red Card.  They will not be allowed to take any further part in that evenings meeting. Parent(s) will be advised. Suspension– If a young person receives a Red Card, they will automatically be suspended from the next two meetings and will not be allowed to attend Camps, or outings held during that month.

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