Online Scout Manager

Online Scout Manager is a invaluable safe, secure, data protection act compliant system online that all the leaders at the 3rd Hove use to manage the young people records and personal information.

Once you have given permission for us to hold your son/daughters personal data it goes here. There is nothing we don’t already hold on paper records, but this is quicker and easier for us to contact you if we need to.

When your child joins each section you will be sent a link that will allow you to sign up to the parents log in.

You can then keep a check on the programme, you can sign up for different events and for some events you will be able to pay online.

Is On-line Scout Manager safe?

We are confident that OSM is as safe as it can be.

  • Access to the personal data on the system is limited to the leaders who use long and complicated passwords.
  • All communication with the site is over SSL, so the information you see and send is encrypted and can’t be intercepted.
  • The web-server/database are hosted in a datacentre in London. The database is constantly replicated onto a backup machine, and system-wide database backups are taken hourly, weekly and monthly.
  • Passwords are hashed in the database (i.e. they not stored in plain text and it is impossible to reverse-engineer). Parents can only reset their password if they have access to their email address.
  • Parents will only have access to their own child’s personal data.
  • Leaders are given appropriate levels of access to the individual parts of the system.
  • All the code has been written in-house by the Southampton company Online Youth Manager Ltd, there is no third party code with potentially known exploits.
  • No personal information is shared with the Group Website.


When you first go to make a payment you will be asked for some bank information to set up a direct debit. You don’t need to enter these again. If your son or daughter wants to go on an event you can click on the ‘pay now’ button (just like e-bay) and the money will go into the Scout Group account. The Online Scout Manager uses ‘Go Cardless’ to manage the transaction but it is totally secure, covered by the direct debit guarantee and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The only person who can make a payment from your account is YOU. We will of course continue to accept cheques or cash.


What have they got and where do they go…. Keep track of all badges gained, what’s left to do and once earned where do they go. As some of the activities we do can count against multiple badges OSM makes sure nothing gets missed. It’s quite possible a young person can get a badge without even realising they’ve done it if the leaders get the combination of activities right!

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