All adults and young people will need to fill in a health form before they attend a Beaver, Cub or Scout camp.

All our Leaders who take the young people camping have all had camp training and hold a valid Camping permit. All the adults who come along and help the leaders have all had a DBS check and there is always an adult who has had first aid training.

KIT LIST indoor

KIT LIST outdoor

We use a number of camp sites around the area, The main ones are

Hillside Scout Camp

The camp site consists of 21 acres of land, a camping field surrounded on three sides with woodland. There is a training room, washrooms, showers and a kitchen and a 28 bedded bunkhouse.. There is an outdoor Chapel and a Camp Fire Circle in the woods. The camp site is held in trust for the use of Scout & Guide Groups in the Brighton & Hove District and the Shoreham & Southwick District.

The address for Hillside Scout Camp is:- Henfield Road, Small Dole, Henfield,  BN5 9XJ

Parkwood Scout Camp

The campsite consists of 23 acres of ancient woodland with lots of secluded camping areas. There are washrooms and showers. Parkwood also has an assault course, caving and orienteering course on site. There is an outdoor Chapel and Camp Fire Circle.

The address for Parkwood is:- Henfield Road, Poynings, Brighton,  BN45 7BA


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