Beaver Scouts are young boys and girls usually aged between six and eight years old. They belong to the first and youngest section in the scouting family.  Our colony is a friendly and active place for you child to join – we get up to all sorts of things, including day visits, sleepovers, arts and crafts, exploring the outdoors and much more!

We meet on a Wednesday night from 6.00pm to 7.15pm at the Scout Hut.

Welcome back and introductions - hike preparation

Welcome back after the summer holidays and welcome to our new Beavers. Time to have some fun and play games to get back into the swing of things!

We will also think about the District Beavers Hike which is Saturday 16 September for those already invested.



Safety (Water Safety) and Meet a sea safety champion

We talk about water safety and meet a sea safety champion from our community


Pioneering & Autumn Camp prep meeting

3rd Hove Beavers' Autumn Camp is Saturday 7 - Sunday 8 October.

During the meeting we'll all undertake a pioneering task and practise some camp songs!

Those not coming on camp should be picked up at 7pm.

Those coming on camp should be joined by their adult for an Autumn Camp preparation meeting.


International Space Week

It's International Space Week!


Harvest & Giving - plus investitures

We think about gratitude for what we have and giving. Please bring donations for the Brighton Food Bank today.

Investitures for new Beavers who started in September.

Please note, the District Badge day is Saturday 14th October for those signed up on OSM Events.


Collections: show and tell

For the Collectors Activity Badge, we ask Beavers to show and tell about a collection they have gathered over the last term. Please bring your collections!



A Burning Effigy

As we learn about Guy Fawkes, the Beavers will be supported to make their own effigies.


Autumn crafts

Beavers will be supported to think about the autumnal changes they are seeing outside, through arts and crafts creations celebrating nature.


Air Activities (Part 1)

Over two sessions, the Beavers will consider flight and different types of aircraft.


Air Activities (Part 2)

Over two sessions, the Beavers will consider flight and different types of aircraft.


Safety - road, rail and stranger danger

We'll be undertaking a mini-night hike, with a focus on safety! This will include the green cross code, railway safety and stranger danger.


Christingle (Faith)

Preparing and waiting - advent reflections, Christmas decorations and Christingle.


Festive Christmassy Celebration

Festive celebration of wintery and Christmassy arts & crafts, games and food.

Families are invited to join us from 7pm, to sample the Beavers festive nibbles and for a rendition of a couple of classic Christmas carols.