New Badges and Programme Refresh

The Scout Association has launched a new programme with new badges. There will be a transition period until September 2015

The key themes that are embedded in the programme are:

  • Outdoor and Adventure should form 50% of the programme
  • Programmes will be shaped by young people in partnership with adults
  • There will be a focus on teamwork and leadership skills
  • Individual personal development and individual challenges will be promoted
  • Community focus will be a core theme

And importantly:

  • Progression through the sections remains a key aspect
  • All young people to strive and have the opportunity to achieve the top award for the section

Whilst the new programme is available from 30th January, there is a transition period until 30th September to enable people to complete badges they have already started and give us leaders time to adjust our programme planning.

.For more information, such as the new badge requirements and Chief Scout Award requirements please visit