On the 28th and 29th March, 54 scout and explorer teams from all over Sussex took part in the Overland Hike, a 25 mile hike over 2 days with activities counting towards team scores.
Only 34 teams completed – partly due to the awful weather – fog on day one and rain on day two.
3rd Hove scouts had 2 teams of scouts – Finn Russell, Alfie Highland, Louis Cruttenden and Callum McCarthy (team A), Marcus Young, Rebekah Pollard, Molly Gadsby, Lewis Saunders (team B).
Team A completed the whole thing and came a brilliant 4th in a close competition.  Team B unfortunately timed out on day 1 and had to be withdrawn, after completing the first day’s 15 miles.
Slightly joking, coming 4th, just outside the top 3, was very disappointing for the team, but I reassured them they were no. 1 in the district.  Then, the District Commissioner told me there is a separate Brighton and Hove trophy – so presentation ahead.
Well done to all 8 seasoned walkers who were carrying all their stuff for the weekend, and some of whose bags were bigger than they are.  The competition was the culmination of 5 months of practicing walking and map reading.  Thanks as well to the adult team of Ian Thompson, Jane Gooders and Mark Gadsby, and explorer Charlie Gadsby.

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